About Gapex

Foreign Exchange Consultants

Gapex are foreign exchange consultants helping entrepreneurs and SME’S save money on foreign exchange.

We focus on personal service that saves you money and time while reducing your administration.

Our foreign exchange services cover:

Foreign exchange consultants - Peter Nock

Peter Nock

Foreign exchange consultants - Grant Nock -

Grant Nock

Peter Nock has over 35 years experience in currency exchange. He has traded for banks in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Grant Nock has a background in import and export, financial services and telecoms in South Africa and abroad. His broad experience brings the fresh approach to forex that Gapex clients enjoy.

Our passion for helping others is evident in our Corporate Social Investment support for the Paige Project.

The Paige Project is a charity for disadvantaged children suffering from Cerebral Palsy. Grant is Director and Treasurer for The Paige Project.