Import / Export

Importing or exporting costs money and getting the best possible exchange rate could save you thousands of Rands over the course of a year. We offer the sharpest rates while focusing on the best interests of your business when dealing with banks. We’re the middle man who save you money. While your business focuses on your core service or product, we keep your exchange rates focused in order to help you increase profit and reduce admin.

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We offer VIP rates, free delivery, free currency card and cashback from commission on a Gapex loyalty card. Hassle free, best commission rates, best Forex rates and all this from the comfort of your desk.

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Offshore Investment

Looking to invest offshore? Need to move money to another country? We’ll offer company Forex prices to move your money and make sure all SARB regulations are sorted out.

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Emigration / Immigration

Emigrating or immigrating? No matter which way you’re moving, we’ll help save you money by giving you the best exchange rate. To help you move the money, we have a consultant to sort out the following:

  • Completing and submitting all documents to Exchange Control: a division of the South African Reserve Bank;
  • Liaising with all financial institutions and respective banks and in need open South African bank accounts;
  • Completing and submitting all required tax returns with the South African Revenue Services;
  • Submitting and obtaining all tax clearances and tax directives with the South African Revenue Services.

We really take the sting out of emigrating and immigrating.

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